Monthly Archives: April 2015

Reformer Studio

My studio renovation is now complete – Thank You Ascot Refurbishments – and I’m excited to be able to offer Pilates instruction on the reformer, vertical tower, wunda chair and other small equipment, as well as the more well known mat based pilates exercises. Offering one on one instruction during your one hour lesson, we will be able to focus on what your body needs and go at your pace. Beginners to advanced are welcome.

If you are unfamiliar with Pilates equipment, the reformer is probably the most well known. The range of exercises that can be  performed on the reformer is numerous, and provides a challenging and intense workout, changing the way you feel and look by offering the body both resistance and support. Springs and body weight are used to create resistance during the workout which isolate specific muscle groups. Many of the stretches that can be performed on the reformer are difficult to replicate on the mat or other pieces of equipment.

If you are familiar with the reformer, you’ll be used to the controlled, flowing workouts that put your muscles through a full range of motion. Added to the reformer, the vertical tower provides increased versatility to the exercise programme. With hundreds of exercises on offer, you won’t get bored! If you’re looking for something to complement your mat based pilates workout or wanting to try something new, why not get in touch and book a session?