Beginners’ Pilates

My latest beginners’ course started this week in Virginia Water. I purposely keep the class sizes small so each person can have lots of attention and that’s important because we all have different bodies that move in different ways.

Everyone’s reason to start pilates is different too. There’s always a mixture of ages, body shapes, fitness and flexibility and it’s worth remembering that it’s not always the fittest people who are the most flexible! Pilates is a great way of working on muscle imbalances caused by taking part in other sports, as well being created by the lives we lead.

The beginners’ course lasts for 6 weeks and teaches the principals of Pilates, really focussing on body alignment and the importance of the core, and the exercises build each week. Every exercise can be modified and adapted depending on your capability and at the end of 6 weeks, you’ll have a new found understanding of how your body moves, not to mention you’ll feel stronger too.

Mats and any small equipment used are provided. You just have to turn up in comfortable clothing! Come along to a course and try it – you may just love it!