Carrie treats all of her clients as individuals

I have been a Client of Carrie’s since July 2016,  one of the many things that I like about the relationship is that Carrie treats all of her Clients as individuals, she ensures that she is fully up todate with both their medical and physical conditions – Carrie then puts together a ‘tailor made’ program to help them achieve their targets and goals.
The programs are both are challenging and fun – well always challenging and sometimes fun!!!!!

Pilates is a revelation to me

“ I have been using Carrie’s Pilates for several months, after being referred by my Osteopath to help with my rehabilitation post having a prolapsed disk for the second time.
Pilates has been a revelation to me and Carrie's gentle but steely instruction ensures I leave sessions having had a really good workout. My back is pain free for the first time in years, my posture has improved and I feel fitter that I was ten years ago!
Carrie is a brilliant instructor, the sessions are always different and challenging and apparently you end up with a new body after 60 sessions, something my wife is looking forward to.
My opinion of Pilates was that it wasn’t that hard physically, Carrie has educated me and with her expert instruction I look forward a pain free future."

Carrie is a caring non judgemental teacher with a wonderful sense of humour and the time flies by.

One to one sessions with Carrie on her reformer, or transformer as I often call it, have helped me regain better posture. This has me feeling taller, younger and with a better understanding of how all the different parts of my body work in relationship to each other.
Carrie is a caring non judgemental teacher with a wonderful sense of humour and the time flies by.

What good is Pilates going to do for me?

I was a person who thought 'What good is Pilates going to do for me?' But after taking Carrie's class, I am witness that your core is truly the center of all you do and Pilates helps to strengthen that.  Since beginning her classes, I have improved my posture, gotten stronger, my mind is clearer and my running times are much improved!

I feel taller at the end of every class.

Carrie teaches our pilates class in Laleham,  which she shares  with Charles two weeks each a month.
She is a very calm instructor who watches our moves and corrects as we go so we are in the correct positions to get the best for our bodies.  I feel taller at the end of every class.

The Reformer was a completely new experience.

Pilates was not new for me when I started to do Pilates with Carrie.
But when I did classes with her on the Reformer, it was a completely new experience for me. We often worked on tiny little muscles I did not even know they existed.
Some exercises are quite complex but the way Carrie talks you through is brilliant. She has a great knowledge of the body and gives you  precise instructions so that you can get  it right easily. The class helped me strengthen my core and control my lower back problems and I felt strong and balanced afterwards.
Also she has a lot of empathy and is so good with people. It is wonderful to work with her.



classes are enjoyable.

I attend Carrie's classes in Laleham which she shares with Charlie Croucher.  She is helpful, friendly and offers advise and encouragement and her classes are an enjoyable 1hr session.

Expertise and guidance.

I have been practicing Pilates for over 10 years, and after a recent back operation I returned to practicing basic Pilates after a couple of months. With Carrie's expertise and guidance she ensures I am progressively building my core strength to assist in my wellbeing. Carrie demonstrates every move clearly and continually checks our positions enabling her class to obtain their optimum individual level.


Classes are always interesting

Carrie is a wonderful Pilates teacher, her classes are always interesting, with exercises using all parts of the body. I come away from the class feeling good having had a really exhilarating stretch.


We do have fun and I feel that she has a good rapport with the class.

I’ve been taking Pilates with Carrie since September 2013 and I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes. At the beginning, she knew that I was a first timer and therefore went through everything thoroughly. If she asks me to do a position or a stretch and I am doing it wrong, she will correct me. The classes have gradually increased in intensity. She has her favourite exercises, the clam, but other than that, the classes change every week so that I don’t get bored. When I’m done the class I know that I have been to Pilates & I sleep well that night. The classes have helped my flexibility and I feel that they have improved my running. We do have fun and I feel that she has a good rapport with the class.


She has a lovely, gentle style

I went to Carrie for one-on-one mat Pilates as I had started to have lower back pain. Literally within 2 weeks the pain had gone! She has a lovely, gentle style - very calming and reassuring but relaxed and fun too. She started by doing a very detailed posture analysis - that was such an eye opener for me. She identified several ways that my posture could be improved - things I had never noticed previously but when she pointed them out, it all really made sense. She spent time explaining what she planned to achieve throughout the sessions, and then reviewed the postural alignments showing me how the Pilates exercises and especially the core stability were helping - great motivation to keep coming!

Every session was different and tailor-made - evidence that she spent time planning and cared about keeping it interesting. I also attended her group sessions, which were again always varied, educational and enjoyable. She was able to give individual attention to each one of us, and feedback about our form, whilst keeping the group working hard and to just the right level of difficulty. Her classes were a great balance of strength and flexibility training and I always came away relaxed and invigorated. 

Carrie has a wealth of knowledge from anatomy to physiology to biomechanics, but more importantly her warmth and caring personality will be a big draw for her clients.


You are a wonderful Pilates instructor

You are a wonderful Pilates instructor who takes the students individual needs into consideration while planning your class. You made me feel like I was strong, and getting stronger, even though I have my back problems.  Your instruction is very smooth and your tone of voice encouraging and gentle.  I have missed your classes these past few months since I moved away and have yet to find an instructor here in Santa Cruz, that I like as well as you!

Thank you for the fantastic classes!



Her instruction was perfect to give me a kick start

I am, frankly, quite lazy. I’ve rested on my generous hereditary laurels for years and purposely "exercised" little relying on my active lifestyle. However, this all changed when I neared the big 4-0, I noticed that my metabolism was slowing and I could no longer simply eat whatever I wanted without some additional exercise in my life. Unfortunately, around this same time, I also began to notice little aches and pains, so my combined lack of desire to exercise and these little yelps of pain meant I did nothing. I'd recently moved and a friend recommended Pilates classes with Carrie Jose. Her instruction was perfect to give me a kick start, focusing on core muscles, strengthening the spine and improving posture. Carrie laid her Pilates sessions out beautifully, is highly approachable and very easy to follow. She always had variations on exercises for me as a beginner and followed the “proper” method steps well, preventing any injury. I highly recommend Pilates and couldn't think of a better instructor.


Thank you so much for putting in the effort!

Hi Carrie
Just a quick note to say I bought a Pilates mat today and in the shop it struck me that I really enjoy the classes and how it makes me hold my body differently so thank you so much for putting in the effort!


Carrie is very professional

I started taking Pilates classes with Carrie since 08/2013. I have to tell that it has been a pleasure to have her as an instructor. Carrie is very professional and she takes in consideration any physical condition you might have and she works with you individually to correct any wrong posture or instruction differently if you suffer any injury. I have been very happy since and I have plans to continue taking lessons with her.


I find her passion quite contagious

I have been doing yoga on a regular basis for the last 6 years or so and I was quite sceptical about adding pilates to my weekly schedule. I have been doing a regular weekly class in pilates in addition to my two yoga classes since September and I have to say that I feel they complement each other very nicely. Carrie's pilates class really focuses on my core strength and that really helps me with aspects of the yoga. I have found it difficult to adjust to differences in the breathing techniques but Carrie has shown great patience with me and has persevered with her methodology. She is passionate about her style of pilates and I find her passion quite contagious. This week I found myself extolling the virtues of pilates to an 84 year old neighbour so I think I must be a convert!


Enabling me to carry on enjoying an active lifestyle

I have been attending Carrie's beginners pilates course for the last month.

In that short time, I have learnt to be aware of having the correct posture, and to identify my core muscles and how to use my core muscles correctly in my sports training.

Now, when I am playing tennis or golf or simply using the rowing machine in the gym I am aware of my core thus minimizing any  potential injuries.

Pilates helps align the body correctly so enabling me to carry on enjoying an active lifestyle.